Two-Way Communications

Sigma Wireless has been delivering two way critical communications radio solutions to customers for over 30 years. As an officially appointed Motorola  Platinum status partner Sigma Wireless Communications provides our customers with the market leading Motorola  product range, enhanced by our Motorola certified engineering team who provide our customers with the skilled engineering services required for the deployment and support of the radio communications solutions.

The Two way radio market is a well-established and trusted technology however like many technologies the traditional PMR radio market has evolved and now offers customers greatly enhanced solutions through the Motorola Digital DMR platform and with the emergence of the Motorola WAVE IP platform serving as a gateway between the RF and IP technologies. Developments in technologies ensure that secure and flexibility solutions that can utilize multiple subscriber types will continue to provide the essential communications functions. The Motorola DMR applications partners catalogue outlines the vast functionality available via the DMR platform, please view the catalogue via link below.

Sigma Wireless is proud to be recognised as the leading system integrator in our sector, we have deployed in partnership with Eir and Motorola the national Tetra Digital Network that is utilised by all emergency services in Ireland. Sigma Wireless provides solutions for many customers in many sectors including the Pharmaceutical,  Transportation, Defence and Utility sectors. We are also very proud to have deployed many large scale communications systems on the International market in countries such as Sierra Leone, Botswana, Angola, UAE, Kosovo and China.

DMR Solutions

TETRA Solutions


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